Is The Activate Wellness Method The Right Approach For You?

I look forward to connecting with you soon, but before you fill out your health questionnaire, let’s make sure this is the right approach for you.

This is the right you program for you if:

  • You are ready and willing to be coachable and accept guidance and mentorship.
  • You are ready to accept and own your personal responsibility for healing.
  • You are ready and willing to do the work (including nutrition, lifestyle, behavior, and mindset shifts).
  • You see your health concerns as a temporary set back and an opportunity to create optimal health and personal growth.
  • You are willing, able, and excited to invest time and resources into your health.

Who this is not right for:

  • If you are not interested in addressing the causes of your health concerns and are looking for a quick fix diet, supplement, or medication this is not the right program for you.
  • If you are not interested in doing the work (including nutrition, lifestyle, behavior, and mindset shifts) this is not the right program for you.
  • If you have trouble sticking with a program to complete the process and tend to jump from practitioner to practitioner this is not the right program for you.
  • If you are a chronic complainer and are unwilling to quit, this is not the right program for you. (As long as you are willing, I am are here to lovingly help you create a healing mindset.)
  • If you have active cancer, this is not the right program for you. I recommend working with a practitioner who has a focus in oncology.

Ready to get started?
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Option 1: Case Review

The case review process provides you with a full work up of your case including tools for immediate relief, a 30 day nutrition & lifestyle plan, lab test recommendations, lab interpretation, one customized protocol, and an outline of the steps needed to achieve your health goals.

The case review includes:

  • Initial Consultation – 60 Minutes
  • Review Of Findings Consultation – 60 Minutes
  • Recommended labs and lab interpretation.
  • One customized protocol built for you during your program.
  • Includes time outside of appointments for case review, research, and support.

Phase 1 – Your Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation is a time to tell your story and be heard. We will discuss your health history, what you’ve tried in the past, and what’s preventing you from healing. We will identify the missing and overlooked steps that are essential to uncovering the root causes of your health concerns. Then we will create an action plan to provide immediate relief, a nutrition & lifestyle plan to create a foundation for healing, and gather the additional information we need to determine the underlying imbalances that need to be resolved so you can feel your best.

  • Tell your story & be heard.
  • Review of your health history and past lab work.
  • Lab recommendations for further investigation.
  • Recommendations for immediate relief.
  • 30 day nutrition & lifestyle plan.

Phase 2 – Review Of Findings Consultation

Clients share that they find the review of findings consultation eye opening and relieving, because they finally discover the answers they have been struggling to find. During this consultation I will share your health history and lab interpretation to connect the dots between the underlying imbalances we discover and the health challenges you have been dealing with. I will educate you on the findings and what they mean for your health, provide an outline of the steps to resolve underlying issues, and customized a plan for your first phase of healing.

  • Review of findings including health history and lab interpretation.
  • Learn what underlying imbalances are keeping you from feeling well.
  • Outline of steps needed to resolve underlying issues.
  • Customized plan including nutrition, lifestyle, and smart supplements for your first phase of healing.

Pay In Full: $1295 $795
Payment Plan: 2 payments of $400

*Due to the current circumstances, I am offering the case review as a special deal for a limited time.

Option 2: Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation

Starting with a nutrition & lifestyle consultation is best for those who would like to start feeling better, but are not yet ready for the full case review process. These appointments are designed to provide you tools for immediate relief and a 30 day nutrition and lifestyle plan.

Nutrition & lifestyle consultations include:

  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation – 30 Minutes
  • Nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations + mind-body tools.

Pay In Full: $250

Current Fee Schedule

  • Initial Case Review $1295 $795 or 2 payments of $400
  • Initial Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation $250
  • 60 Minute Consult $500
  • 30 Minute Consult $250

Follow up consultations are typically 30 minutes.

I do not accept insurance assignment as payment, but I do provide documentation for out-of-network benefits as well as accept HSA cards.

Health Questionnaire

  • Step 1 – Complete the health questionnaire below so I can learn how I can help you.
  • Step 2 – Once your health questionnaire is received I will review it with compassion and contact you by email. Please allow 2-3 business days to receive a response.
  • Step 3 – You will receive a response by email with my recommendation on how to get started and instructions on how to book your initial consultation.
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